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Welcome to Southern Suburbs Squash Club!

The Southern Suburbs Squash Club is squash club for friendly people passionate about the game of squash. The club is an environment where the enjoyment of the post-game celebrations or commiserations are as important as the game itself.

The club is run by its members and is the third largest squash club by membership in Gauteng.

The club is situated in the rolling hills of Oakdene adjacent to the Southern Suburbs recreation centre. Full showering and entertainment facilities are available. The club participates in both Gauteng and Masters squash leagues.

If you have any questions about starting or continuing this incredible sport, please head over to the contact page, or come through in the evening, or Saturday afternoon to have a go."



Thursday 11th September, Lennie Leishing celebrated his 80th Birthday at Southern Suburbs, where he has been a member for many decades. He reprasented South Africa at the Commonwealth games and Olymics for Boxing and Football and was made an Honourary member at Southern Suburbs on his birthday. Family and friends flew in from the US and all over South Africa to celebrate this special moment with him.

• Gauteng league starts on 5 and 6 March respectively. Captains will all be sent a separate e-mail which sets out the dates that all teams will be playing. There is a slight difference for Digsy's team. League fixtures will also be upload here for all to see, so bookmark the site now for easy access later.


BALLS - 2nd league and lower have the option to choose which ball to use. Each player and his opponent can agree on the ball to be used. If there is no agreement, then you must make use of the green dot ball between 1 September and 30 April and a double yellow dot between 1 May and 31 August each year.
Home captains are to provide a new ball of each kind each week. If you cannot provide a new ball, the other team can take a walk over.

MARKING - Every club gets allocated points based on the total number of league players per club that has completed the Marking and Refereeing course. You need to repeat the course very 3 years. The only players with a valid Marking and refereeing course currently are Luigi, Richard Bothwell and Paul the Plumber. Everyone else must complete the course before 31 May 2013 otherwise ALL teams get penalised.

SCORES - Digsy, your team is required to submit a team sheet even on weeks that you are not playing and have a bye.

FUNDED BY Visit the National Lotteries Board Website to find out more about other projects supported by the NLDTF.

The club was built in 1972 and only had one court, the current court three. In 1975 a further 4 courts were added. The complex boasted the first court in Southern Africa that had a glass back wall. Read more...


A 1st League
B Reserve League
C 2nd League
D 3rd League
E 4th League
F 5th League
G 6th League
H 7th League
I 8th League
J 9th League
K 10th League


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