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Here are some interesting facts about Southern Suburbs:

A brief history on how Southern Suburbs Squash club complex came about.

The Southern Suburbs recreation centre has a special connection to the Carlton Centre. At this time (late 1960s), Johannesburg was a building town. The Carlton Centre was going to be the tallest building in the centre of the gold rich town. To create the height of the building, the foundation and parking lot had to be excavated. The excavated rubble was used to create the grounds of the Southern Suburbs cricket pitch, softball pitch and Netball courts, taming the rocky terrain at the site.

Round about 1972 the committee of Southern Suburbs Recreation Centre gave the go ahead to build a squash court on the premises.  The Recreation Centre agreed to finance the materials required to build a single court. Members Dick Upton & Wally Aab, who were owners of a construction company, agreed to donate the labour for the construction of the court. A single court was built with a small lobby area in the front of the court and viewing gallery above. The single court built at the time is referred to as Court 3 at the squash club today.

Interest in squash increased and in 1974 it was decided to build a squash complex by building around the existing court. The driving forces behind the building of the new complex were Hamish Dow, Gorden Millar and in particular Doc Smit. John Roy was commissioned as the architect.  Four additional courts were added around the existing court together with change rooms and a bar area making up the complex as we know it today. The complex boasted the first court in Southern Africa that had a glass back wall. The chairman at the time, Gorden Millar, opened the new squash complex in 1975.

Club trivia:

  1. First glass-backed court in South Africa, possibly the Southern Hemisphere.
  2. The regular Saturday Club squash sessions (every Saturday from 14h00) which includes singles and doubles has run for decades.
  3. The cricket field was created from the rubble from the parking lot of the Carlton Centre.
  4. Rumours of the installation of a balcony at the club room have been making the rounds at the club since the 1980s.
  5. "This is Suburbs" is a gentle reminder to visiting league teams of whose courts they are playing at.
  6. Roy Barbour is not the oldest member of the club, but does enjoy Umhlanga
  7. Lennie Liesching, who is the oldest member of the club, received a bronze medal for boxing at the 1952 Olympic games held in Helsinki. Some say that were it not for the strange refereeing, Lennie would have taken the Gold.
  8. Greg Da Silva (Snr) does not have shares in Castle Lager (but probably should have).
  9. Sandy Watson is Westlife’s biggest fan
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